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    Have you ever wanted to keep your skin vibrant and healthy, but feel like you can't afford it?  Well at Sugar Plum Skin Care you can enjoy a customized facial treatment for only $69.00 a month!

Monthly microdermabrasion for $95, and Monthly HydroFacials $125. All you have to do is keep visiting on a monthly basis and you can enjoy the skin rejuvenation of a lifetime at the price of a lifetime! It is that easy!

    If you're also looking for the best repeat waxing experience in town, we also have great news for you! For all you ladies who get Brazilians, as long as you come every month, your Brazilians are only $45.00!! Just like the Facial membership, there are no commitments, contracts, or obligations! Just come and visit us once a month and keep your appointments at the lowest cost around!!

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