Sugar Plum Skin Care

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Skin Therapy

   DermaRadiance ($70)

This is an organic microdermabrasion utilizing all natural flower grains which are pulverized from the plants directly instead of harsh aluminum oxide crystals. The second part of this treatment includes the use of the diamond wand, which is will finish off the dermaradiance treatment giving you the full glow your skin deserves!

   Customized facial ($80+)

 This treatment is fully customizable. Each time you come to Visit me your skin condition will most likely be different. This allows me to address the needs of your skin each and every time, no matter what you have going on. 

    Mini Facial ($40)

 Too busy for a full facial? Then come in for a mini! This is an excellent treatment that will revive and nourish your skin in between regular facials. It includes cleansing, exfoliation, mini massage and mask. (30min)

    Eye Lift ($25)

This is an add on service that will lift the eye area as well as plump any wrinkles that you may have. I use the Smooth Sculpt Machine but only focus on the eye area. There is the use of a collagen cream to aid in the plumping!

    Lip Plump ($25)

This is an add on service that will give you that plump with out the injection! This will plump up those fine lines around the mouth as well as give you a nice lip plump! This also uses the Smooth Sculpt machine with the collagen cream to aid in plumping!

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